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Pages of Fate is a co-operative, deck-building, adventure game, with RPG elements, for 1-4 players and a Storyteller.

Similar to folklore passed down over time, the story's details can change from telling to telling depending
on the way the Quest cards are drawn and the heroes and Storyteller solve the situations the quest puts in front of them.

The game is currently in development, but stay tuned for ongoing progress, details and play tests.


Each character in Pages of Fate plays a vital part to the protection of the world of  Volara.
The heroes known as The Keepers are sworn protectors blessed with ancient grimoires
that grant them unique abilities, aiding them in their quests.
The Keepers must work together in order to succeed. Whether by their strength, or by helping the strong become stronger.



The Knight serves as the guardian for the team.
They supply  not only a strong offense, but also heal allies
and can grant a stronger defense.

There are two paths a knight can take: a light and a dark.
A very practiced knight would wield from both,
but some seek to be the strongest in one or the other.



The mage utilizes the arcane life force of the worlds elements and materials. The Keeper of the mages is an expert in manipulating this force for any means they so desire: whether for their own purpose, or for granting elemental traits to otherwise ordinary abilities.



The Keeper of the Fighters is a heralded champion.
They are chosen by combat and only
the strongest of warriors become the protector of Volara.


They are the front line and main offensive force for The Keepers. If for some reason they cannot perform this task, through ancient techniques , they can strengthen their allies resolve.



Also known as The Shadow of the Quillwild, The Keeper of the Wild is chosen by the Great Tree. They are sworn protectors of the forest and use their surroundings to become almost invisible to enemies.

Development Blog


Entry 3:
Putting the ART in Kickstarter

This long long road finally feels like it’s coming to it’s destination! I may run one or two more play tests to fine tune some newer mechanics but it’s feeling really good everyone!


I’m currently working on a few next steps while I finish things up: sketching up card art and prepping the Kickstarter! 


First, the art: my personal goal was to have a few key cards fully painted and done to help show what a finished product would look like, however, doing art for all the cards is part of the reason why I’ll be doing a Kickstarter. Doing fully painted pieces for over 60 cards is a daunting task, especially if I’m balancing commissions and contract work as a freelance artist. So, the funding of this project will help with not only production costs, but pay for either me to focus solely on making art for this game or hire more artists to help make art for this game.


This is where I started to think about the Kickstarter. I really think, with this game especially, it’ll need to be funded via Kickstarter to actually come to fruition within the near future given how large scale this project has evolved into.


So I’ve started to slowly plan out things like manufacturing costs calculated with Kickstarter's fees, along with costs to finish painting/designing the game to get an idea of the funding goal. I’ve also thought of some cool backer rewards and stretch goals. It’s been oddly fun thinking up and planning all this stuff out. 


I’m hoping to have a Kickstarter for Pages of Fate running in Spring of 2023. 


But the schedules an ever changing tide so we’ll see!


If you’re reading this I’m truly grateful for all the support and for your interest in this game. Just the journey alone has felt worth it and I sure hope you all enjoy this game when it comes out!




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