Pages of Fate is a co-operative, deck-building, adventure game, with RPG elements, for 1-4 players and a Storyteller.

Similar to folklore passed down over time, the story's details can change from telling to telling depending
on the way the Quest cards are drawn and the heroes and Storyteller solve the situations the quest puts in front of them.

The game is currently in development, but stay tuned for ongoing progress, details and play tests.


Each character in Pages of Fate plays a vital part to the protection of the world of  Volara.
The heroes known as The Keepers are sworn protectors blessed with ancient grimoires
that grant them unique abilities, aiding them in their quests.
The Keepers must work together in order to succeed. Whether by their strength, or by helping the strong become stronger.



The Knight serves as the guardian for the team.
They supply  not only a strong offense, but also heal allies
and can grant a stronger defense.

There are two paths a knight can take: a light and a dark.
A very practiced knight would wield from both,
but some seek to be the strongest in one or the other.



The mage utilizes the arcane life force of the worlds elements and materials. The Keeper of the mages is an expert in manipulating this force for any means they so desire: whether for their own purpose, or for granting elemental traits to otherwise ordinary abilities.



The Keeper of the Fighters is a heralded champion.
They are chosen by combat and only
the strongest of warriors become the protector of Volara.


They are the front line and main offensive force for The Keepers. If for some reason they cannot perform this task, through ancient techniques , they can strengthen their allies resolve.



Also known as The Shadow of the Quillwild, The Keeper of the Wild is chosen by the Great Tree. They are sworn protectors of the forest and use their surroundings to become almost invisible to enemies.



Entry 2:
One Rules Book
to Rule them all

Over all this time playtesting, I finally got to the point where I really wanted to take a step back and let others run the game. It was then I realized “oh crap, I don’t have a really concise rule book written!”.


This seems kinda like a no-brainer for some, but where I had a pretty clean rule book written out for ME it wasn’t really one that translated well to the general public.


So the last couple months between work projects, I’ve been writing out a rule book for Pages of Fate. I really wanted to make it as simple as possible but writing out what I deemed simple in theory was always much more complicated. 


Basically, the booklet breaks the game up into two phases: the questing phase and the combat phase. From there, i began to break down what players and the Story Teller would do in those respective phases and in the most likely order you would do them in. In the final section I’ll have a damage type chart, some terminology or additional rules that kinda fall in between the two phases and maybe a card layout/ icon table or graphic. 


I think I finally got into a good groove for writing it out then going back and simplifying it more. I’m excited to get it finished and on to the next play testing phase. One step closer!



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